Monday, March 14, 2011

It's All About The Brushes!

It is hard to achieve the perfect smokey eye, flawless skin, or contoured cheekbones without the right tools. In this (quick) blog, I will show you some brushes that really make the difference.

There are several basic brushes that I use on daily basis. If you do not do all of these steps, you can choose the brushes that you feel will help with your makeup regimen.

Flawless Foundation- this is my NEW favorite. This brush helps to create an airbrushed finish. It is important that the bristles are a little firm or else you are going to see streaks.
This is the #130 Short Duo Fibre Brush from MAC. It costs $30.

Cheekbones to DIE for-this is a great multi-purpose brush. It can be used for contouring under the cheekbones or for applying powder blush. The soft bristles do not pick up too much color and help make blending a cinch. No harsh lines with this brush!
This is the #168 Large Angled Contour Brush from MAC. It costs $32.
Cheaper alternative (Yes, please)-Crown Brush #C405. This brush costs $7.49.

Heavenly Highlighter-this is the perfect brush for highlighting your cheekbones. The bristles are super soft and because of this, they don't pick up a ton of product. This is ideal for applying any shimmery powders. It helps give you that glowy look, without looking like the Tin Man.
This is the #188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush. It costs $34.
Cheaper alternative- Crown Brush #C404. It costs $6.95

Bronzed Beauty- this brush will help give you that beautiful bronzed look, without making you look like a cast member of the Jersey Shore (even though I love it-don't judge me). The short, stacked bristles apply and buff in the perfect amount of bronzer. And the best part...the PRICE!
This is # SS014 and costs $13.86 (This picture got a little bit distorted. Sorry!)
Because I love eyeshadow, I have purchased many shadow brushes over the years. What a waste of money! Below you will find the four brushes that I use religiously.

Shade/Blend Away- this soft and dense brush is perfect for applying shadow, pigments, and paints to the lid. Because the bristles are dense, the brush picks up the a lot of color.
This is the #239 Eye Shader Brush by MAC. It costs $24.50.
Although you could probably find a cheaper alternative, this brush is one that I think is HIGHLY worth the money.

Smokey... Eye LOVE You- this shading brush is fantastic for blending colors to create the much loved, smokey eye. It can also be used for adding color to the crease.
This is the #217 Blending Brush by MAC. It costs $22.50.
Cheaper alternative- Crown Brush #C433. It costs $5.49.

Soft Tapered Blending Brush (can't think of a fun name for this one)- Because this brush is so fluffy, it creates a much softer look. You can use it to highlight under the brow bone and apply a lighter application of color to your crease. This brush can also be used to apply translucent powder under the eyes (so that concealer won't crease).
This is the #224 Tapered Blending Brush. It costs $29.
Cheaper alternative- Crown Brush #C412. It costs $4.95.

Smudgy Brush-this brush is used for smudging shadow under the lower lash line, liner on upper lash line, or for creating more dimensions of color in your crease. It's "pencil-like" tip allows for almost perfect precision.
This is the #219 Pencil Brush. It costs $24.50.
Cheaper alternative- Crown Brush #C431. It costs $3.95.

As I said earlier, you certainly do not need ALL of these brushes to create YOUR perfect look. They just make the process easiesr. I hope this was a helpful little brush up on brushes!
Enjoy your week!

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