Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Bronzer Bonanza

I have always been envious of those people that can get a tan within the first five minutes of summer. Growing up, I was determined to be one of these people...even though I lost several layers of my epidermis in this process. After years of burning, peeling, and freckling, I (partially) surrendered myself to the sun gods, and decided to go another route...BRONZER (hallelujah)!
Over the years, I have collected my fair(..get it, because I am pale) share of bronzers. I have learned one major lesson in this process...not all bronzers are created equally. Here is a list of some of the bronzers I have tried over the years (both good and bad).
1. Park Avenue Princess by Tarte- This bronzer is fantastic--it goes on smooth and even, and has an almost-matte finish.
2. Multiple Bronzer by Nars- This bronzer is one of my favorites! It has a smooth, creamy texture and isn't greasy AT ALL! You can dot this on your cheekbones, and then blend with your fingers, sponge or makeup brush. My one caution with this product is that you have to blend it immediately because it sets quickly. Because you only need a little dab of this, you will have this product for quite a while...definitely worth the money!
3. Laguna/Casino Bronzing Powder by Nars- While I like this bronzer, it has a lot of sparkle. Sparkles tend to make your pores look bigger, which is NOT okay in my book! Though this is true, this bronzer adheres well to skin and is long lasting.
4. MAC Bronzer- While I have always been a fan of MAC, I must admit that I don't particularly love their bronzers. This is just a personal opinion and everyone is different. Though this is true, they have great shade options. There are five different bronzer shades to choose from--three of the shades have high shine/shimmer, and two shades are matte.
5. Bronzed Godess by Estee Lauder- This is a good bronzer and provides a soft, tanned glow. It is best for light to medium skin tones.
6. Dior Bronze Matte Sunshine SPF 20- BRONZER = PHENOMENAL.... PRICE= NOT so PHENOMENAL. This bronzer provides a beautiful glow and has an added kick...sunscreen! Although I wouldn't suggest wearing this in replace of sunscreen at the beach, it is nice to have the extra sun protection, while looking tanned at the same time. I have Honey Matte, but there are also other shades.
7. Baked Bronzing Powder by Urban Decay- If shine is what you want, this bronzer is for you! Enough said!

Bronzers can be a tricky thing. What works on one complexion, may not work so well on another. It is a process of trial and error. These are just my opinions based on the products that I have tried. As always, please feel free to share your favorites too!

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